eric-redman-bio-pageCandidate Name: Eric M Redman

Age: Born in 1946

Physical Address: Spirit Lake, Kootenai County, Idaho

Mailing Address: PO Box 40, Athol, Idaho, 83801

Marital status: Married 33 years

Number of children 5

Number of grandchildren 12 and in July 2016 will be 14 grandchildren.

How long a Resident in this county: 44 years (6 years in Spokane for part of those years)

Lived in the Northwest: 64 years (4 additional years in U.S Air Force)

American born citizen: Yes

Member of Republican Political Party (I adhere to strict Idaho Republican platform)

Offices I have held for non-profit organizations: Secretary, Treasurer and President of the North Idaho Chapter National Association of Health Underwriters -2002 to 2010; Secretary of Spirit Lake East Homeowners’ Association – estimated dates 1998 to 2001; Treasurer of Highway Evangelism; Treasurer of Reach America; Treasurer of Christian Heritage Supply – 2003 to present still active all three non-profits.

north-idahoSpecial qualifications experience or education pertinent to the public position I am running for: I have owned multiple business for the last 44 years including: Marina Resort on Lake Pend Oreille in Bayview, Idaho from 1970 to 1974; Real Estate sales, including owning and operation 3 Real Estate Brokerage offices, Developer of land in Kootenai County and Spokane, Home Builder in Spokane during 1975 to 1987; Insurance sales including owning and operating my own insurance agency covering insurance for home, auto, business, bonding, life, disability, annuities, and health from 1988 to 2013 when I retired. I still own income properties in Couer d’Alene and Hayden. I believe my past experience qualifies me to fight for private property rights, budget and expense analysis, and creating alternative healthcare insurance programs other than the ObamaCare Idaho Sate Healthcare Exchange.

Why am I running for this position and why are my talents needed: I retired after 43 years of running my own and I still have income producing property in Idaho. I have always promoted conservative Republican candidates, local, sate, and especially federal – often with dollars. I was not seeking a public office; but I was asked by two different active conservative Republicans to run for District 2 Seat B State Representative. This was primarily because the one term incumbent in Seat B is not a true conservative. Unfortunately many in the State Legislature do not follow the Idaho Republican Platform. After conferring with my wife and prayer I decided, since I have retired I could spend the necessary time to represent the people in District 2; and hopefully even add creative ideas for limiting government regulations and improving the freedoms of the citizens in the State of Idaho!

Five Platform Planks I am passionate about:

I. Replace Obamacare; create alternative healthcare funding using private plans not a big government maze.

II. Repeal or reduce State and local regulation that diminishes a property owner’s right to develop their own property as guaranteed by the 5th Amendment of the U.S Constitution.

III. Return our Hijacked Federal lands back to Idaho to manage and produce income which will also create more jobs in Idaho.

IV. Education Choice: Once parents have a choice kids will have a chance. Kids, not teach unions or federal programs should be the focus of education.

V. Removal of the U.S Executive branch Czar Departments from controlling and influencing Idaho Agencies which which affects Idaho citizens. The 10th Amendment of the U.S Constitution guarantees each state and citizen thereof protection from this federal overreach.

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